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The Ron Jaworski Celebrity Golf Challenge benefits the Jaws Youth Fund and has raised $3 million over the last 15 years. Shurilla Guerrilla created a blog that promoted the Live Auction items in advance, hole-by-hole tournament updates and video recaps of both the golf and auction party.

"The blog was a great addition to our tournament. Not only did we get great coverage, but the immediacy allowed our sponsors and players to get extra exposure. The archive will be a big help in promoting next year's event."

-- Ron Jaworski, Tournament Host/ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst

Shurilla Guerrilla traveled to New York City to show off its versatility. We not only broadcast this three hour concert live on the web, but created an archive of the entire event. For those who couldn't attend, it allowed them to participate in a live chat, while friends, family and performers are still accessing the Concert Celebration Blog.

For the last six major poker events at Borgata, Shurilla Guerrilla has maintained the Borgata Poker Blog. Our reporting team provides live updates, results, player profiles, and more as we average 50 posts per day. Shurilla Guerrilla will once again be covering the Borgata Winter Open in January, 2011, complete with photos, videos and twitter updates.

"Borgata's poker blog has been a huge hit. Players are constantly checking updates at the table, while friends and family are following along at home. It's been a great way for everyone to stay on top of the action."

-- Dwyte Pilgrim, 2010 Borgata Poker Open Champion

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