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During the last few months some big names have been at Borgata and Shurilla Guerrilla has been there to tell their stories. Michael Phelps, 14 time Olympic gold medalist, has played in multiple poker tournaments, as has actor James Woods.

Photos Courtesy: Borgata Poker/Jeff Shurilla
Hallie's 18th Birthday Concert Celebration in New York City was an emotional night as friends and family honored a young girl whose life was taken far too early. She once wrote, "People, be nice to each other. Love, Hallie."

Those words inspired the creation of the Love, Hallie Foundation, which worked with Oprah Winfrey to renovate an orphanage in South Africa. Shurilla Guerrilla created a blog where you can see the entire three hour concert.

Hallie Geier
Hallies Comets photo
Hallie's Comets
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is where Shurilla Guerrilla documents top business executives as they refine their leadership skills. Wharton, working in conjunction with Olympic rower Dan Lyons and his company Team Concepts, runs a unique program that features hands-on training. Shurilla Guerrilla is there, from the classroom to the Schuylkill River, creating a blog and an educational tool thatē—“ used again and again.
Dan Lyons Photo "For years we've been looking for a way to capture our program in a way that benefits participants long after learning the Eight Secrets of Inspirational Leadership. The blogs and videos bring an added value that helps everyone achieve the goal of a successful continuing education program."

-- Dan Lyons, Team Concepts Founder & President
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