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What are Special Event Media Services?

Shurilla Guerrilla is a full media service company. Everybody says that, but not everybody does it. For us, it means we tap into traditional and newer social media tools to get you the coverage you want.

We provide blogs, email alerts, tweets, and more to promote the event beforehand. Your blog will have plenty of content, including videos and photos, both during and after the event. We target your audience and make sure the message gets to where it's supposed to go.

How will I benefit from Shurilla Guerrilla's services?

That's the most important question of all. Counting on local news outlets or advertising alone to promote your event is simply not enough. With Shurilla Guerrilla, you will reach more of the right people at the right time.

We make sure they hear about your event before, during, and after the big day. People who can't attend the event in person can still participate on-line. After the event, people will return to the blog or your website to re-experience the event time and again. And Shurilla Guerrilla can help you reach sponsors and donors as well as participants.

What is an "Official Event Blog?"

It's one of our most popular media services, and it helps breathe life into your event through every phase. It's an interactive, frequently updated web log that links directly to your existing website. It includes pre-event announcements and outreach, real-time coverage during the event itself, and an archive of the big day so it can be relived and used for future promotion.

How are your fees determined? What do your services cost?

We evaluate your needs, determine the package of services that will best fulfill them, and then provide a detailed proposal including fees.

While we can't answer specific costs questions without more details, one thing is certain. We know the value of a buck, and we make sure you get full value for your money. We will work within your budget, and won't surprise you with extra costs at the end. You'll know the cost every step of the way.

What do you mean by real-time?

It's a fancy way of saying "right now." Your real-time blog lets everyone experience the event as it unfolds. Live blogging is a big part of the event. It creates excitement for people who are there, and it lets those who can't be there in person take part from anywhere in the world.

Anyone can post a picture or video on-line. Why do I need Shurilla Guerrilla (SG)?

Because we put the heart and soul of your event in one site and let you focus on enjoying the event itself instead of managing it. Your SG event blog is dynamic and can be updated instantly, unlike traditional event websites that are static and sometimes provide outdated information.

In addition to specially edited videos and cleverly captioned pictures, you'll get creative commentary that highlights performers, players, speakers, honorees, VIPs, clients, sponsors, and the audience. We organize everything in one place.

How does SG make life easier for me?

SG does everything to provide you all the benefits of event blogging, videos, and photography. We work as an extension of your marketing team, creating buzz before it happens and providing a video and text chronicle of the event afterwards. We never lose sight of your goals, and we make sure your event is more than just a one day affair.

Other than helping take pressure off our staff, what other benefits do I get from special event coverage?

Sponsors get extra exposure, donors get additional recognition, participants are more involved, and even people who can't attend feel like they are there in person.

I didn't see any examples of my event. Is it something you can handle?

Of course we can. SG seamlessly puts ANY special event in the spotlight. We simply can't list them all, but they include fund raisers, corporate functions, award ceremonies, black tie dinners, galas, special parties, guest speakers, class room lectures, sporting events, and tournaments.

Whatever the format, you can feel confident that SG's Special Event Media Services is right for you.

I'm on a budget and don't want to hire and coordinate multiple entities. Can you help with that?

Absolutely! And we love to do it. We can cover your event with top notch video production and photography, or we can streamline our services to make your event as affordable as you need it to be. We make sure every dollar is spent wisely, and we're always attuned to your budget.

Contact us at and help us, help you bring your special event to the world!

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